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21 Experts Share How To Keep Life Simple In A Crisis "Our routines may be totally out of whack right now, but there are still things that we can do to create little moments of meaning and, dare I say it, legit happiness. That’s why I gathered some of my favourite experts from the sustainability, mindfulness, and decluttering communities and asked them the following question: What’s your best tip for keeping life simple and intentional during the pandemic?"—Sara Brigz, May 2020

Contribution from Nash Gierak | Defying Space | @defyingspace


10 Zero Waste Parents To Follow On Social Media "Parenting is always a little easier with a village to support you. When you begin your sustainability journey, it might feel like you are the only one trying to make the change. Looking online for other parents with a similar mindset is inspiring and a great source of practical tips and information. Many of them are also active on other platforms or have really helpful blogs or podcasts. Check them out and see what might work for your family too!"—Sarah Robertson-Barnes, May 2020

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"Nash began documenting her experiences living in a 35sqm attic flat with her partner and son in 2019, as a way to show how sustainability and minimalism could work hand-in-hand, in even the smallest of spaces. Listen in to find out more"—Michael Joseph, April 2020

Interview with Nash Gierak | Defying Space | @defyingspace


"Small Steps: We asked four business owners to share their first steps into content marketing—and what they learned along the way"—Sophie Bradshaw, April 2020

Interview with Nash Gierak | Defying Space | @defyingspace


EVERYDAY HEROES SERIES "In need of a little inspiration on your journey to a more sustainable life? We’ve interviewed 6 women, mums like you and me, who are on their own sustainable journey, to ask them how they manage it, what their top tips are, and how they stay motivated"—Charlotte Morley, Feb 2020

Interview with Nash Gierak | Defying Space | @defyingspace


"What does zero-waste mean? How can I make changes today? Where does it fit in with my lifestyle? These questions and more are answered in a great interview between El Deane and Nash Gierak'—El Deane, July 2019

Interview with Nash Gierak | Defying Space | @defyingspace